Chương trình học độ tuồi 3-6

Chương trình học

Chương trình học độ tuồi 3-6

The key to maximising your child’s experiences within an early learning centre is effective communication. When families and educators are on the same page with the child’s progress, the child flourishes. Consequently, it helps to ease the transition between home and care, building a sense of confidence and belonging in young children.

What kind of information should I share with the centre?

The educators at the centre are your child’s primary caretakers and influencers when you aren’t around. Therefore, to best understand and cater to the needs of your child, it’s important for them to be aware of:

  • Your child’s interests, likes, dislikes
  • Their routines- patterns of eating, sleeping, toileting
  • Your child’s current wellbeing
  • Any major events taking place at home.

By providing this type of information with the centre, it helps the educator’s and in-centre staff to meet your child’s individual needs. As a result, you can help make most of your child’s time in care.